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Troubleshoot Student Access to Clever/Lightspeed/Etc.

There are a few quick things that teachers can do to help troubleshoot when a student cannot access applications like Lightspeed and Clever (or the apps that Clever links to).  Since applications like these pull data directly from eSchool any problems we have in eSchool (TAC) get copied into these other applications as well.  Oftentimes the data problems in eSchool will not get noticed until they are copied over to other platforms.

Classroom Teachers can use TAC to check all of the following information.

  • After you login to TAC find your student in your roster and click their name.
    • If you don't have the student in your roster then there is no need to look further, you've found a big issue.
  • On the "Quick View" for the student you should see "Today's Schedule".  Look over this section and make sure the student's schedule looks correct.
  • On the "Contact" tab you can see the student's email address as it is entered in eSchool.
  • Also check to make sure the student's name is spelled correctly here in TAC and does not have anything odd like a nickname entered with their first name.

If you find any problems in TAC please report them to your school office so the appropriate person can address those issues.  Corrections made in eSchool will generally be reflected the following day in your applications.

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