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Personal Printers for Classrooms

The NSD Tech Department provides limited support for printers in the classroom.  The district invests greatly every year to ensure there is adequate networking printing and copying capabilities throughout the district.  These large capacity printers/copiers should always be considered first.

For many reasons that we won't go into on this platform we have established the guidelines below.  Please consider these and be sure you understand them before making any purchases.

  • Before purchasing a personal printer the need should be considered.  If we can somehow help to mitigate that need and help facilitate the use of our large network printers we are glad to do so.
  • If a personal printer must be installed it should not be powered on or plugged into a computer before we arrive.
  • Please know that we CANNOT support the printer beyond initial installation.  If the printer breaks we will not attempt to fix it.  If something goes wrong with your computer as a result of the printer we will likely have to reinstall Windows to address any software issues.
  • Know that we are required and will disable any wireless features of the printer.  If possible, printers without wireless features should be purchased to avoid this.  Wireless features should not be re-enabled.  If a printer's wireless features cannot be disabled it must be removed to comply with state standards.
  • Any “Instant Ink” or other automatic consumable purchasing program will not be supported.  Device based programs depend on network connectivity that we cannot support.  Client based programs are notoriously bad for the PC.  Avoid purchasing any printer that supports, or requires, these programs.
  • Enterprise Universal Drivers will be used whenever possible.  This may limit certain features on personal printers.

If you have any questions about the above guidelines please feel free to reach out to our department.


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