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Notification pop-ups

 Pop ups in the notification area are mostly caused by allowing notifications from a website while browsing the internet. 

While browsing many website you will sometimes be prompted to allow notifications from the site.  When this is allowed notifications will start showing up in the bottom right of the screen. These are usually updates from the site you allowed such as new articles or updates to posts. 

The issue is that notifications from some of the websites tend to get inappropriate and you may think that this is a virus.


All of this is easy to avoid if you don’t allow notifications when a website prompts you. 


If you do or have already allowed notifications the fixes are:

Option 1(For faculty Chromebook or PC):

  1. Click on the clock.
  2. Go to Notifications.
  3. Deselect anything you don’t want to get notifications from. (This doesn’t clear anything but does stop the pop-ups.)


Option 2(For Chromebook)Delete the user profile: 

  1. Sign Out. 
  2. Next to the username click the drop-down and select Remove User.  This seems to be confined to the local device so removing the account should clear the accepting of notifications. 



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